Pepè Tomato

Pepè is arrived with a sweet and fruity taste . Pepè is a great ingredient that can make your dishes original and colorful. Crispy and tasty , this yellow tomato is part of ” i Picciriddi ” family: a line of cherry tomatoes with characteristic shape and taste which is approriate to eating fresh and fanciful .

pepe 5

Two Cuore di Bue Tomatoes + Two Marinda tomatoes: an amazing salad!

A new packaging for a delicious mix of delicate and refined tastes.

Naturalmente Siciliano proposes a package with four assorted tomatoes: two Cuore di Bue tomatoes, variety Volley and two Costoluto tomatoes variety Marinda.

A Sicilian tomato salad unique that can surprise even the most demanding palates: the pulp of Cuore di Bue tomato, with a floury texture and a pleasantly aromatic taste, integrates itself well with the intense, sweet and persistent taste of Marinda one.

An amazing combination that only requires a good extra virgin olive oil and a few leaves of basil.


A “cuore di bue” tomato with a solid pulp also in full maturation.

Our “cuore di bue” is a tomato with a weight that can surpass 300 grams, with a pale red color that sometimes turns to orange. It presents few seeds and has a sweet taste with a trace of acidity. Its perfume is typical in full maturation that send to herbaceous fragrance. Its peel is thin, the pulp is solid and rich in juice. It doesn’t lose solidity during the maturation and doesn’t present a high break at the bottom.

Delivered the proceeds of the project “Agire in Rosa”

In occasion of the EXPO Solidale, organized by Rotary Club Monti Climiti, the President of Consorzio Ortofrutta Sicilia, Gaetano Mancini, has consegned a check to the cooperative Leonardo and to the association La Nereide, as the profit of the project “Agire in Rosa”. Now women victim of violence will have an help desk dedicated to them in Pachino.